Introducing Malscope

The next-generation Windows Windows 10 antivirus app built on a neural network. Learn more...

Malscope Antivirus Machine Learning Icon

Machine Learning

Run advanced file scans powered by a neural network to identify likely threats to your computer.

New Malware Prevention Icon

Modern Threat Prevention

Discover dangerous newly developed malware and prevent modern attacks using our updated threat list.

Privacy Antivirus Icon

Privacy Solution

Experience antivirus like never before with our strict privacy policy. All data Malscope collects is stored locally.

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Lightweight Design

Get started instantly with the quickest antivirus installation you will ever see. System performance during scans is barely affected.

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Live Research

Access tailored software tested against hundreds of new malware variant samples. Our researchers will always adjust for newly discovered real-world threats.

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Easy to Use

One layout, several features. Control Malscope's powerful functions in a neat GUI layout and a simple terminal output window.